Nokia 808 PureView Camera – Yes There is Also a Phone Feature

Nokia’s new PureView Pro imaging technology was announced today at Mobile World Congress. The first phone including this technology is Nokia 808 PureView which has pretty amazing camera specs, Carl Zeiss optics, 41 MP sensor with 1.4 micron pixel size (White paper here).

There has been some debate whether or not anyone needs 41 MP in their cameras, but that’s just pointless. The idea of putting 41 MP into a mobile phone camera is not to produce 41 MP images, the output images have only 5 MP by default. Oversampling is used to reduce image noise, problems related to Bayer color filters and of course to introduce digital zoom. The camera has it’s own dedicated processor to digest the huge amount of data from the sensor. It can deliver full HD 1080p 30fps with 4x loss-less zoom.

Nokia 808 PureView has just set the benchmark for future mobile phone cameras.

Jussi Seppälä

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