Image Sensor Simulator

There are multiple low light applications that need or benefit from multiple readouts taken during a long exposure time. With present destructive CDS readout technology, sampling multiple times means that the read noise increases compared to a single exposure image. With Pixpolar’s non-destructive CDS readout it is finally possible to sample as often as needed without destroying the signal. We created an image sensor simulator to demonstrate the difference between destructive and non-destructive CDS readout methods.

Besides comparing different readout methods, the simulator can be used for many different purposes. Students can use it as a learning tool to study how different noise components and image sensor parameters affect the image quality in various lighting conditions. Professionals can compare how different image sensors could perform in their application. Photographers can use it to get deeper understanding of digital image formation process.

The simulator should work with newest versions of most popular desktop browsers. Please feel free to use the simulator for whatever purpose!


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zhenfu says:

why don’t you add the sensor model in your simulator? is that a global simulator?

Jussi says:

We wanted to keep the simulator as general as possible and in order to keep it simple we decided to include only the most fundamental parameters.

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